What makes us the best?

Here’s where we tell you a little bit about us and all of our awesomeness, ready?

At BestCustomPens we’re committed to bringing you the best logo printed and custom pens found anywhere – promotional pens of high quality and great prices. Think of us as your curator of customized pens – we want to help you put the best foot forward for your business, your school, or whatever the organization is that you wish to promote.  We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you already – all that mind-numbing shopping around. We’ve searched high and low, weeding out all of the average and below average pen manufacturers – with all those lousy pens that soon stop writing, if they ever do in the first place – to bring you only the best of the best in promotional pens.

We specialize in providing the best promotional pens customized with your logo or message. Highly practical, pens are always appreciated as a promotional gift.  People keep them in their car, their home, their office, everywhere, and never seem to have too many. And what other promotional product displays your logo so big and bold?

The best, huh? Yup, the best.

We’re able to provide the best, most knowledgeable service and the best promotional pens because we decided to specialize. That’s how we set ourselves apart from traditional promotional product companies carrying thousands of products – many of which they haven’t even seen or tried. Putting your brand on an unknown promotional product is a risky proposition – nothing like handing out a piece of junk with your logo on it!

So rather than trying to offer everything to everybody, we decide to be experts in just a couple product lines, and as a result we really know our stuff when it comes to pens!  All of our pens are guaranteed to write smoothly for at least a mile, and that’s a lot of writing.

We’ll make sure you look great at your next promotion.

Unconditional Guarantee

BestLogoPens is committed to scouring the globe to bring you the best quality logo’d pens in the industry. All of the products we sell have been manufactured by superior manufacturers referring to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), ASTM International, AATCC, and other global standards that are relevant to our products.

Best service, best quality, best branding – that’s the BestCustomPens advantage.